'Aerotix' is trademark owned by 'ORTIX CORPORATION', which was laid with a strong commitment to develop and introduce office, school & general use quality stationery products in the whole Indian market. In a short period of time we have grown as an established brand in India, well known for its reliable quality, more competitive price, on time delivery, loyalty, innovative ideas, customer relationship, which makes our customers win in the competitive nationwide market. Also, the efficient sales team and the experienced Directors have made sure that the products of Aerotix brand are available throughout the country with its effectiveness.

Our Values

We take pride in our heritage and market reputation which have been built through sincere work to its core values as under –
• To Lead by example
• to deliver a quality service with an emphasis on integrity
• To Be open and honest in all communications
• To Act ethically
• To Maintain a supportive, collegiate environment in which our customers can flourish


Our management consist of people having experience of more than 20 years in this field which work hard for enhancing our customer relationship because we recognise the fact that this will help us in growing further in this changing environment.

Our Vision

To Place Aerotix products on every desk across the nation to help people work more easily and more effectively for a more harmonious and prosperous world.

Our Mission

To create and deliver the desirable quality, most innovative, user-friendly, customised and practical products to satisfy the needs and ambitions of our customers in a responsible and socially conscious manner.

Social & Enviroment Responsibility

We understand our social responsibility and endeavour to be actively involved in spreading education in the society. We emphasise on making eco friendly products. We examine the effect that our products might have on the environment so that we can minimise the negative effects of our products and natural resources can be saved for future generations.

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